A future-proof, cross-chain decentralized account system

Unlike centralized account systems, such as cell phone numbers/email/social accounts, DAS offers a decentralized and open sourced approach to account systems. DAS can be used as a digital assets collection account, as an account for accessing general Internet services.

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DAS Features

Personalized & Unique

All DAS accounts end in .bit and you can register them in many different languages from around the world, even Emojis! Each DAS is unique, ensuring and cannot be replicated.


You can register a DAS account without permission and once registered, you (and only you) will have full control of the DAS account.

Compatible with all Public Chains

You can register and manage DAS using any public chain's private key, or even email; DAS accounts can be transferred between any public chain's addresses. (based on PW-SDK)

Flexible Parsing Records

You can set up any blockchain address, email address, web address, social account and any other data as a parsed record for DAS.

When you own alice.bit, you will automatically have a browser-accessible site. By default the content of the site is your DAS account information, which you can change to a static page pointing to IPFS by parsing the record.

Open Source

DAS is a future-proof infrastructure, therefore, all modules of DAS are open source and maintained by developers worldwide.

Usage Scenario 1

DAS as a unified digital assets receiving account

You can add multiple addresses from different chains to your DAS resolution record, so that when someone transfers money to you, you can simply enter your DAS account to complete the transfer. You can even add labels to the addresses to easily distinguish between different receiving accounts.

Supported wallets
Huobi Wallet
Usage Scenario 2

DAS as a personal information page

You can add your social accounts, email, profile, preferences, and any other data you want to make public to your DAS account. This way, you will have a thoroughly censorship-resistant personal information page.

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Usage Scenario 3

DAS as a portal for Dapp or decentralized website *

The portal of a contract on the blockchain is its Hash, and the portal of a web page hosted on a decentralized store is also a Hash. By associating these hashes as a resolution record to a DAS account, users can access these services directly using their DAS account.

Usage Scenario 4

DAS as an end-to-end encrypted communication account *

End-to-end encrypted communication software such as WhatsApp and Signal still use real-name account systems such as cell phone numbers as their accounts. DAS is anonymous and censorship-resistant, so we can build a more extreme end-to-end encrypted communication system based on DAS accounts.

Usage Scenario 5

DAS as passwordless login credentials *

Each DAS account can be associated with a public-private key, and each DAS account is highly identifiable. Based on W3C's WebAuthn, DAS accounts can naturally be used as login credentials to third-party systems. The login method is changed from entering the account password to using the private key associated with the DAS account to sign the login operation, which can greatly improve the security and user experience.

Usage Scenario 6

As a token of honor *

If Alice is a top VIP customer of Coinbase, then Coinbase, as the holder of coinbase.bit, can create a secondary account -- alice.coinbase.bit and use all of alice's deposit addresses on Coinbase as the resolution record for that secondary account. Then.


For Alice, this is the official recognition of her VIP status from Coinbase, a status symbol


When Alice needs to recharge Coinbase, she does not need to login to Coinbase to get the recharge address, she can just enter alice.coinbase.bit in her wallet.

We believe there is much more to DAS than what is listed above, and we welcome all bright minds to join us in exploring DAS use cases.

DAS Eco Integration

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All DAS accounts end in .bit, and you can register in multiple languages around the world (coming soon), even Emoji. Each DAS is unique, and DAS accounts with the same name cannot be created over and over again.

*Only accounts with more than 2 digits are currently available for registration
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*These scenarios will be supported as DAS continues to develop iterations.